Displays a top level of all forums.

If you have multiple forums set up, this shortcode will provide you with an overview of all the forums, with a variety of options to tailor the output. For example, visit www.wpsymposiumpro.com/forums to see how it is used on the WP Symposium Pro website.


Provided in the Core Plugin.


You can use the global shortcode settings via WPS Pro->Shortcodes in the admin dashboard, or add them to the shortcode as options.


Display all forums, removing the topic count column:

[wps-forums show_count="0"]

A simple way to mimic the WP Symposium Pro website forums page is to use this shortcode with the following options. You would create a new WordPress page, use add the following shortcode, and add the page to your WordPress menu:

[wps-forums show_header="0" show_posts="3" show_summary="0"]


The following (which shows default values and an example of using the shortcode option) can be set via the admin dashboard (WPS Pro->Shortcodes) or added as options to the shortcode in your WordPress page, post or widget.

Show as dropdown (show_as_dropdown=”0″)
Quick jump text for dropdown (show_as_dropdown_text=”Quick jump to forum…”)
Forum title header text (forum_title=”Forum”)
Topic count header text (forum_count=”Count”)
Last Poster header text (forum_last_activity=”Last Poster”)
Freshness header text (forum_freshness=”Freshness”)
Include closed topics (show_closed=”1″)
Show header (show_header=”0″)
Show topic count header text (show_count=”1″)
Show last poster header text (show_last_activity=”1″)
Show freshness header text (show_freshness=”1″)
Top level as links (level_0_links=”1″)
Privacy filter (include=”all”)
Base date (base_date=”post_date_gmt”)
Most recent activity shown below each forum
Number of topics to show (or ‘none’) (show_posts=”3″)
Show topics header (show_posts_header=”1″)
Show count totals above topics (show_summary=”0″)
Include replies in above Warning: slows down page load! (count_include_replies=”0″)
Header title (header_title=”Topic”)
Replies title (header_count=”Replies”)
Last activity title (header_last_activity=”Last activity”)
Limit on title length (title_length=”50″)
Do not indent (no_indent=”1″)
Forum image width (add via Forum Edit) (featured_image_width=”0″)