Displays topics (and replies if style is set to ‘classic’) of a forum.

WP Symposium Pro supports unlimited forums, and setting them up couldn’t be easier. The WP Symposium Pro Extensions plugin adds a wealth of additional features that you can refer to in later chapters of this book.

This is the main shortcode for display a forum, and has a lot of options!

You would probably put this shortcode straight after [wps-forum-post] on your WordPress page.


Provided in the Core Plugin.


You can use the global shortcode settings via WPS Pro->Shortcodes in the admin dashboard, or add them to the shortcode as options.

Using an image instead of a word for “NEW!” items

You can use an image if you want, try the following with an image included within WP Symposium Pro:

<img style="width:31px;height:20px;"
src="/wp-content/plugins/wp-symposium-pro/css/images/new.gif" />


If you have a forum with a slug of my-forum, you would enter the shortcode as:

[wps-forum slug="my-forum"]

You can also add options, as with any shortcode:

[wps-forum slug="my-forum" header_title="Questions"]


The following (which shows default values and an example of using the shortcode option) can be set via the admin dashboard (WPS Pro->Shortcodes) or added as options to the shortcode in your WordPress page, post or widget.

Style (style=”table”)
Base date (base_date=”post_date_gmt”)
Comment base date (comment_base_date=”post_date_gmt”)
For table style…
Show table header (show_header=”1″)
Show closed topics (show_closed=”1″)
Show topic count (show_count=”1″)
Show freshness (show_freshness=”1″)
Show last activity (show_last_activity=”1″)
Show comment count (show_comments_count=”1″)
Show post author (show_originator=”1″)
Text for post author (originator=” by %s”)
Header title (header_title=”Topic”)
Replies title (header_count=”Replies”)
Last activity title (header_last_activity=”Last activity”)
Freshness title (header_freshness=”When”)
For classic style…
Text for topic started (started=”Started by %s %s”)
Text for last reply (replied=”Last replied to by %s %s”)
Text for last comment (commented=”Last commented on by %s %s”)
Avatar size for topics (size_posts=”96″)
Avatar size for replies (size_replies=”48″)
Maximum size of topic preview  characters (post_preview=”250″)
Maximum size of reply preview  characters (reply_preview=”120″)
Label for view count  singular (view_count_label=”VIEW”)
Label for view count  plural (views_count_label=”VIEWS”)
Label for reply count  singular (reply_count_label=”REPLY”)
Label for view count  plural (replies_count_label=”REPLIES”)
For both styles…
Clicking on topic (topic_action=””)
Highlight “new” content (new_item=”1″)
How long content stays “new” for  seconds (new_seconds=”259200″)
Mark read items as no longer new (new_item_read=”1″)
Word for new content (new_item_label=”NEW!”)
Enable pagination (pagination_posts=”1″)
Pagination above posts (pagination_top_posts=”1″)
Pagination below posts (pagination_bottom_posts=”1″)
Pagination page size (page_size_posts=”10″)
Pagination first label (pagination_first_posts=”First”)
Pagination previous label (pagination_previous_posts=”Previous”)
Pagination next label (pagination_next_posts=”Next”)
Pagination current page text (page_x_of_y_posts=”Showing page %d of %d”)
Maximum number of pages (max_pages_posts=”10″)
Maximum number of posts (if no pagination) (max_posts_no_pagination_posts=”100″)
Show reply icon (reply_icon=”1″)
Maximum title length  characters (title_length=”150″)
Reply status (status=””)
Default state of closed switch (closed_switch=””)
Closed switch prompt (closed_switch_msg=”Include closed posts”)
Must be logged in message (private_msg=”You must be logged in to view this forum.”)
Optional URL to login (login_url)
Don’t have permission message  for forum (secure_msg=”You do not have permission to view this forum.”)
Don’t have permission message  for topic (secure_post_msg=”You do not have permission to view this post.”)
Empty forum message (empty_msg=”No forum posts.”)
Topic deleted message (post_deleted=”Post deleted.”)
Word for pending topic (pending=”(pending)”)
Word for pending reply (comment_pending=”(pending)”)
Closed prefix (closed_prefix=”closed”)
Topic moved message (moved_to)
Date format (date_format=”%s ago”)
Enable timeout (enable_timeout=”1″)
Timeout before can’t edit  seconds (timeout=”120″)
Number of topics to show  0 = all (count=”0″)
For single topic view…
No replies text (reply_comment_none=”No replies”)
One reply text (reply_comment_one=”1 reply”)
Multiple replies text (reply_comment_multiple=”%d replies”)
1 comment text (reply_comment_one_comment=”and 1 comment”)
Multiple comments text (reply_comment_multiple_comments=”and %d comments”)
Additional forum admins  user logins, seperated by commas (forum_admins=””)
Topic author avatar  pixels (size=”96″)
Reply author avatar  pixels (comments_avatar_size=”96″)
Enable pagination (pagination=”1″)
Pagination above topic (pagination_above=”0″)
Pagination above replies (pagination_top=”1″)
Pagination below replies (pagination_bottom=”1″)
Pagination page size (page_size=”10″)
Pagination first label (pagination_first=”First”)
Pagination previous label (pagination_previous=”Previous”)
Pagination next label (pagination_next=”Next”)
Pagination current page text (page_x_of_y=”Showing page %d of %d”)
Replies order (replies_order=”ASC”)
Include Report option (report=”1″)
Report option label (report_label=”Report”)
Report email recipient (report_email=”simon.goodchild@mac.com”)
Hide initial post on page 2+ (hide_initial=”0″)
Enable comments (show_comments=”1″)
Show comment as default (show_comment_form=”1″)
Allow new comments (allow_comments=”1″)
Label for comment button (comment_add_label=”Add comment”)
Label for Update button (update_label=”Update”)
Label for cancel button (cancel_label=”Cancel”)
Label for moderate message (moderate_msg=”Your post will appear once it has been moderated.”)
Optional CSS class for comment button (comment_class=””)
Text shown for private comments (private_reply_msg=”PRIVATE REPLY”)
Activate flip/rotate for images (effects=”0″)