Inserts ShareThis code added to a forum.

You need to enter your ShareThis code for the forum – the easiest way is via Manage All Forums, which is a link on WPS Pro->Setup. Click on Edit under the forum and you will see a page, in which you can enter your ShareThis code.

You will need an account at http://www.sharethis.com, which is free.

Once you’ve signed up with ShareThis, click on their “Get Sharing” option, and select “Website” (not WordPress).


Then select one of the buttons styles (only button styles are supported):


And if you’re happy, click on the “Get the Code!” button. Assuming you’ve registered, you will see two boxes of code (Span tags and Script tags). Copy these into the two boxes available via WPS Pro>Forum Setup, hove over a forum and click on Edit.

Scroll down, and copy each of the two blocks of code into the “ShareThis” section:


Note that this is the same code for every forum, you only need to add this once, to one forum. You can then add the ShareThis icons to individual forum pages with the [wps-forum-sharethis] shortcode.


Provided in the Core Plugin.


You can use the global shortcode settings via WPS Pro->Shortcodes in the admin dashboard, or add them to the shortcode as options.

Menu showing under icons?

You may need to edit your site menu’s CSS so that any drop down menus appear over the icons. For TwentyTwelve theme, for example, the following should be added to WPS Pro->Custom CSS:

.sub-menu { z-index: 9999999 !important; }


If you have a forum with a slug of my-forum, you would enter the shortcode as:

[wps-forum-sharethis slug="my-forum"]

to display something like:



The following (which shows default values and an example of using the shortcode option) can be set via the admin dashboard (WPS Pro->Shortcodes) or added as options to the shortcode in your WordPress page, post or widget.

No options.