Displays a calendar for your site.

The calendar is a convenient way to publicise events to all members of your site. You can have multiple calendars, and set which members can view and add events by WordPress roles.

Displays the calendar to those who can see it, as defined via WPS Pro->Calendars->Edit.

You must set the slug, so for example, here the slug is set and the left/right placeholders changed:

[wps-calendar slug="my-calendar" left="Previous" right="Next"]


Provided in the Extensions Plugin.


You can use the global shortcode settings via WPS Pro->Shortcodes in the admin dashboard, or add them to the shortcode as options.


[wps-calendar private_msg=”Sorry… calendar not visible to you.”]


The following (which shows default values and an example of using the shortcode option) can be set via the admin dashboard (WPS Pro->Shortcodes) or added as options to the shortcode in your WordPress page, post or widget.

Days of the week (days=”Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat”)
Months of the year (months=”January,February,March,April,May,June,July,August,September,October,November,December”)
Date suffixes (suffix=”st,nd,rd,th,th,th,th,th,th,th,th,th,th,th,th,th,th,th,th,th,st,nd,rd,th,th,th,th,th,th,th,st”)
No permission message (private_msg=”You do not have permission to view this calendar.”)
Previous text (left=”«”)
Next text (right=”»”)
Word for today (today=”Today”)
Show thumbnails (thumbnails=”1″)
Show titles (titles=”1″)