User Tags


Just type @ in an activity post or reply, and tag a friend who will get an alert with a link to your mention of them.

Also works on forum posts, replies and comments.

In the activity, a pop-up box will allow you to select a user, however on the forum, this pop-up feature is not available if you have the WYSIWYG forum toolbar enabled. However, you can still enter @userlogin directly into a forum post, reply or comment.

The tag looks for a user login (not a display name) and if found will convert the @tag into a link to their profile page. If the user login cannot be found, @tag is displayed without a link. You cannot use @tags within a hyperlink (for security purposes).


Provided in the Extensions Plugin.


Not applicable.


When enabled, if you type “@” in activity posts and comments, a pop-up box will allow you to quickly select a friend, “tagging” them in the post/comment.

They will then get an alert that you’ve mentioned them 🙂




Not applicable.