User Rewards


A website or social network can really be enhanced by rewarding users with points for doing certain things, and even displaying badges (or any image) on their profile page. That’s what rewards can do.

Quick Start

As an example, we will create a reward when a user posts on their activity stream.

Go to WPS Pro->Rewards and click on Add New. For the title, type in “Activity post”, and in the editor “Reward for adding an activity post”.

Then, in the Reward Details box select “New activity post to all friends” and enter 10 as the default value. We’ll use a badge too, so enter 32 as the size of the badge in pixels.

The badge (image) that is shown is the Featured Image, so click on “Set featured image”, and choose/upload an image – cool, if it looks like a badge or reward!

Click on Publish to create your reward. It’s now listed under WPS Pro->Rewards. Take a note of the value in the slug column:


Edit your user Profile Page (via WPS Pro->All Pages, Edit) and switch to “Text” view (important!). Put the following line in at the top of the editor, and save:

Activity points: [wps-reward]

Now, go to your website, and go to your Profile page. You’ll see this in place of the above:


I’m using the custom profile page built in “Building Your Own Profile Page“. Note it now says “Activity points: 0” (not like 10 above), because you’ve not earned any points.

Go ahead and add an activity post – the page will refresh and it will now say “Activity points: 10”. You’ve just earned 10 points!

You can, of course, put the shortcode anywhere you want on your profile page, or in a Text/HTML widget.

To add the “badge” (the uploaded image) put the following line of code above the one you added above, noting the slug value:

<div style="float:right">[wps-badge slug="activity-post"] </div>

I’m using some HTML to “float” (align) the badge over to the right hand side of the page. Your profile page should look something like this:


If you now go to another user’s page, who hasn’t posted any activity, you’ll see that the badge is semi-transparent (they haven’t “earned” the badge yet), for example:


This is fine for now as a quick start, but bear in mind that [wps-reward] shows the total points for the user, not individual rewards. So more accurately you would put “Total points:” instead of “Activity points:”. Badges are reward specific.

You can also choose a type of “Badge for post count”, and then choose “Type of reward to count” which will reward user’s with points.

But the badge image, instead of being on/off, will slowly appear as they reach the target number of times they need to repeat the action you’ve set. You set the target number of times in “Post count” which appears when you choose a type of “Badge for post count”.

If using type of “Badge of post count”, you should set a featured image to be used.


Provided in the Extensions Plugin.


You can use the global shortcode settings via WPS Pro->Shortcodes in the admin dashboard, or add them to the shortcode as options.

Setup the default friends via WPS Pro->Setup->Default Friends:



See [wps-reward][wps-rewards] and [wps-badge].


See [wps-reward][wps-rewards] and [wps-badge].



Create and edit rewards via WPS Pro->Rewards. When doing so, the following parts of the screen are used:

Title:   What the post is called (eg. “Activity Posts”)
Permalink:  Where the slug is set, as seen on WPS Pro->Rewards
Editor:  A description of the reward
Reward Details (box):  Where you select the type of reward, etc.
Featured image:   Used to set the badge image 

Within the Reward Details (box), there are a number of choices:


The “action” that the user has to take, what they have to do, to earn the points for this reward. If not set to “Badge for post count”, then you can set a value for doing this action once (see below). If set to “Badge for post count”, a badge is uncovered as a progression to a total count of these actions, and a “Post count” can be set (see below).

Default Value
Only displayed if anything other than “Badge for post count” is chosen for the type. It is the number of points awarded for doing the action, as defined by Type above.

Type of reward to count
Only displayed if “Badge for post count” is chosen for the type. So, for example, if you wanted to show a badge slowly appearing, as a user adds an activity post, you would select “New activity post to all friends” here.

Post count
Also related to “Badge of post count”, this is the number of times this action has to occur for the badge to be completely shown. For example, set this to 10, to set the target as doing something ten times to display the whole badge.

Badge size
If using a badge for this reward, the default size (as a square) in pixels.

User Rewards

You can see what rewards have been awarded via WPS Pro->User Rewards which lists all the awards earned.

You can edit these and change the value given, although it is not recommended.

You should not try and manually add rewards, as detailed information is stored in the editor that allows WP Symposium Pro to track the rewards for use with shortcodes such as [wps-rewards].