Translating WP Symposium Pro

Shortcode Options

Using WP Symposium Pro with other languages is very simple as the text and labels shown to your users can be set as shortcode options.

Use WPS Pro->Shortcodes via the admin menu to enter your text rather than in the shortcode directly if you find that easier.


Changing the label to add new activity:

[wps-activity-post label="Ajouter un nouveau"]

See more examples under the “How To…” menu.

Your Own Full Translation

To create your own translations, you will need to download the “.pot” file (right mouse click the link, and “save as…”), and use an application like PoEdit to create a “.mo” file, and then save your “.mo” file as described in the following section.

Contribute to the community translations

Similar to creating your own, but you can do it as part of the CrowdIn.Net project, and then others can also access your translations.

It’s the nice way to do it! 🙂

You can download all translations files from CrowdIn.Net and then use an application like PoEdit to create a “.mo” file, and then save your “.mo” file in the folder shown under the “Default .mo file based on default locale” section on WPS Pro->Translations admin page. This will then be used to translate your WP Symposium Pro plugin.

The “.mo” file you create may need to be renamed based on your language, for example:

  • (French)
  • (German)
  • (Spanish)
  • (Russian)


If you have your site set to French (via Settings->General->Site Language), you can download the French WP Symposium Pro file above, create a “.mo” file with PeEdit and save it into your “Translations folder” with a filename of “”.

Multiple languages (with a user option to change between them)

Go to WPS Pro->Translations via your admin dashboard and follow the instructions. You’ll need to create “.mo” files as above.

WPML (WordPress Multilingual plugin)

WPML is an outstanding plugin for managing multiple languages on a single WordPress, it’s used on this site.

With WP Symposium Pro, you can then create translated pages for profile, edit profile – any page, and then use the various shortcode options to change text/labels to each language. Try going to your home page here (if logged in), and clicking on the Spanish flag at the top of the page.

Extensions: Profile (meta)

If you are using the Extensions plugin to give extra options for member profiles, you will want to insert them into your translated profile page with translations of the options you set for drop-down lists (if you are using drop-down lists).

For example, showing an extension with slug of “gender” and translating Male and Female from English to Spanish, can be done with either of the following methods:

[wps-usermeta meta="gender" value_translations="Male=Hombre,Female=Mujer"]
[wps-extended slug="gender" value_translations="Male=Hombre,Female=Mujer"]

Extensions plugin: Edit Profile

Again, if you are using a drop-down list for any of your extensions, you should use the following options to translate each Extension label on your WPML translated Edit Profile page:

[wps-usermeta-change label_translations="Gender=Desconocido,Size=Tamaño"]

The above assumes you have two extensions, one called Gender and one called Size.

To translate the drop-down list options, use the following option:

[wps-usermeta-change value_translations="Male=Hombre,Female=Mujer"]

The above shortcode option assumes you have a drop-down list set of values of Male,Female (in WPS Pro->Extensions->Add/Edit). It then provides the translated version of each option for the drop-down list to be shown.

Simply include all drop-down list values, for all extensions if you have more than one drop-down list.

Extensions plugin: Directory

The Extensions plugin hooks into the Directory plugin if you are using it, to optionally search by the extra fields you have added.

On your translated Members Directory page (via WPML) you can change the labels, and the translations as above. Here is a full example.

[wps-directory-search label="Búsqueda" search_label="Búsqueda de miembros" include_meta_show_prompt="Búsqueda avanzada" label_translations="Gender=Desconocido" value_translations="Male=Hombre,Female=Mujer"]
[wps-directory no_results_msg="No se han encontrado los usuarios de."]

Activity (Who to) plugin

The drop-down list that is shown above a new activity post with the Activity (Who to) plugin allows users to select who to share their activity with.

You can easily translate the text shown, here is an example changing the text to Spanish, including a translation for the post button, the private message, the attachment label (if using the Activity Attachments plugin) and the share text:

[wps-activity-post label="Publicar" private_msg="Sólo amigos pueden publicar aquí" attachment_label="Añadir imagen" share_with="Comparte con:" friends_text="Todos los amigos" select_text="Seleccionado amigos..."]