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Before and After

Two standard shortcode options that allow you to insert HTML immediately before and after the output generated by the shortcode.


Through WP Symposium Pro alerts, users can be notified of all sorts of things, whether friendship requests or new posts on their activity.

Profile Page

The profile page is the user’s main page, or home page if you like. It’s where the go by default to see their activity, their friends activity and if you want, where they can go to edit the profile, change their avatar (their user picture), accept friendship requests and so on.

Forum Page

WP Symposium Pro supports unlimited forums, and setting them up couldn’t be easier.


Display the user’s display name, as set on the Edit Profile page.


Allows a user to make a profile as a favourite, to appear at the top of their friends list (if friends).


Displays topics (and replies if style is set to ‘classic’) of a forum.


Displays a link back to the forum topics. Only shown when viewing a single topic.


Displays a text area to add a reply to a forum topic. Only shown when viewing a single topic.


Displays a link or button to join a site (multisite only).


Outputs the user ID of the current user, or if on a profile page, that user ID.


Displays a profile value (meta) of a user, including standard WordPress meta values such as display_name.


Displays a button to link to a URL, passing the user’s ID as a parameter.


Displays profile fields for the user, which they can edit. This is their Edit Profile page.