Styles – Overview


Styles provides a quick and easy way to style all WP Symposium Pro screen elements, saving you from using CSS. You can reset all style changes.

This is a new feature and is being trialled, please let us know what you think or any problems you may have so we can fix them! Over time, when those provided are considered stable we will expand the options available and shortcodes included. Thank you!

Access Styles via the admin dashboard, WPS Pro->Styles.


Provided in the Core Plugin.

By default, as this adds a small load to your pages, this is de-actived by default. When visiting the admin page, enable styles (you can de-activate them again). The load is tiny, and in all likelihood not noticeable.


In the same way as the shortcodes admin page, select a feature (first column), and then a shortcode or collection of elements. You can then set the foreground color, background color, whether bold or italic, and the font size.

Click on the following to “zoom in”:

If you hover over an element, the CSS class used is shown, and you can then use Custom CSS to add more advanced attributes.


Here is an example of styling [wps-forum], click on each image to “zoom in” (excuse the rather colourful selection!):