Displays a reward badge, revealing to show progress.


Displays a directory of your site members. For distance to work with a user, it requires that user to have saved their profile via Edit Profile with Town/City and Country.


Display the user’s display name, as set on the Edit Profile page.


Allows a user to make a profile as a favourite, to appear at the top of their friends list (if friends).


Displays topics (and replies if style is set to ‘classic’) of a forum.


Displays a link back to the forum topics. Only shown when viewing a single topic.


This shortcode, whilst it still works, has been replaced with [wps-forum-reply].


Displays a text area to add a reply to a forum topic. Only shown when viewing a single topic.


Displays a link back to the group, from page with [wps-group-members].


Displays a link or button to join a site (multisite only).


Allows users to set a message that is shown at the top of every mail conversation they are involved in.


Outputs the user ID of the current user, or if on a profile page, that user ID.


Displays a profile value (meta) of a user, including standard WordPress meta values such as display_name.


Displays profile fields for the user, which they can edit. This is their Edit Profile page.