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A Fantastic Social Network Plugin

What I couldn’t believe was the speed of development in the year or so since I last looked at WPS Pro. The number and scope of the features has expanded enormously, including 2 or 3 that I, myself, suggested last time around. In fact, I contacted support to ask if a particular feature was available. The feature wasn’t available then, but it appeared within 2 days.

A truly impressive social networking/forum plugin!

The affordable price and service are so good, I feel compelled to give you my honest opinion and highly recommend it if you’re looking for a social networking, messaging and/or a forum management plugin. This is by far the most superior, fast, lightweight, heavy duty plugin and service I have ever found.

Top Notch Service!

I have been using WP Symposium for over a year now. Before that I fumbled around with BuddyPress but it never worked right or looked the way I wanted it to look and feel. It is clear that Simon and the staff truly care about providing a great plugin, they are on top of the updates and implementing not only what is needed but what the customers request.

Great support

Really pleased with WPS – a huge amount of features and although a lot to get your head around to begin with and a few minor issues, the support is excellent. Have contacted several times and always received a prompt and relevant answer.

Still the better choice for forum software

Yes, download this plugin and start using it. It’s a better alternative to Buddypress or any other available social network plugin to date, without a doubt. If you want to get serious about your social network, if customization and control of your site’s experience are important things to you, WordPress Symposium Pro is the only real choice. I know, because I’ve been using it since 2011.

You really can’t beat it!

I swear its as if I had a hotline to help & support whenever I had even the dumbest of questions. Not only do I have ALL of the components I REQUIRED for my website, WP Symposium Pro gave me several goodies that just puts icing on the cake.


Wasn’t sure if to go with BuddyPress / bbPress or something else. However, as a rather rusty HTML and ASP / VB programmer guy, I wanted something coherent and with better documentation and the chance of some hand-holding. Went with WP Symposium Pro and the extensions and spent the $100 with support. Have not regretted my investment.

Wonderful Support!

I was able to contact support via Skype and Robert walked me through everything I needed to do so my site worked perfectly! He is patient, gives clear instructions and has a great sense of humour. Not only is my site up and running beautifully I’ve learned so much! Great product and great service!

Refreshingly clear, speedy support

I dove into WPS to help students get the most out of their reading. Every time I needed help, Simon and Robert responded within moments of my post or chat request. Their passion to offer clear, speed support is both refreshing and outstanding! Upgrade to Pro – you’ll be glad you do!

Complete and Elegant

WP Symposium Pro is the only WordPress forum software written with the WP methodology of using custom post types and taxonomies. Because of this WPS Pro integrates easily with any WordPress membership plugins easily.