Likes and Dislikes (Activity)


Let your users like and dislike each other’s activity posts. It’s a great way to give user’s feedback on what they are posting, and bring them back to your site, keeping them engaged.

You can also use them for other things, with a little imagination. Post an activity as an idea (perhaps for party?!) asking others to like and dislike, to gauge interest levels.

Likes and Dislikes are activated via WPS Pro->Setup, and by default users can like and dislikes activity posts of friends. See the administration section below for options and how to change this, including de-activiating (for example) dislikes.

Here’s how they then appear on the activity feed:



An alert is generated when a user likes or dislikes a post from another member, so they are informed via email.

To avoid cluttering up the activity stream, a like/dislike activity post is not added as on busy sites this can overload the activity stream.


By activating likes and dislikes, if you are using rewards, new options are added to the reward type for likes and dislikes.


Provided in the Extensions Plugin.


You can use the global shortcode settings via WPS Pro->Shortcodes in the admin dashboard, or add them to the shortcode as options.

Remember, choosing if likes/dislikes are used, and what can be liked/disliked is set via WPS Pro->Setup->Likes and Dislikes:



These options can be combined to change the branding (words) used for your likes and dislikes, for example:

[wps-activity like_text="Awesome" unlike_text="Remove"]


There are several options you can use to customise how likes and dislikes appear, perhaps changing “Like” to “Awesome” and “Dislike” to “Yuk”?!

These options are added to the [wps-activity] shortcode.

Enable likes (allow_likes=”0″)
Like label (like_text=”Like”)
Unlike label (unlike_text=”Unlike”)
Like text (singular) (like_count_text_singular=”%d like”)
Like text (plural) (like_count_text_plural=”%d likes”)
Enable dislikes (allow_dislikes=”0″)
Dislike label (dislike_text=”Dislike”)
Undislike label (undislike_text=”Undislike”)
Dislike text (singular) (dislike_count_text_singular=”%d dislike”)
Dislike text (plural) (dislike_count_text_plural=”%d dislikes”)
Done text (done_text=”Done!”)
by text (by_text=” by “)
or text (or_text=” or “)
you text (you_text=”you”)
more text (singular) (more_text_singular=”and %d more…”)
more text (plural) (more_text_plural=”and %d more…”)
Maximum names to show (max_names_to_show=”3″)