Image Galleries


Let your members share photos! Also supports documents. The valid file types by default are as follows:

  • Images:  jpg, png, gif, jpeg, svg
  • Documents:  txt, rtf, pdf

You can change the file types allowed when uploading on WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Gallery->[wps-gallery].

When viewing an album, the owner can edit image information to add a description and source, which is shown with the image when viewed (not when thumbnail). The can also set security levels for viewing and uploading to the album.

Quick Start

Go to WPS Pro->Setup (after activating the extension) and click on “Add Gallery Page”. This will create a WordPress page, which you can add to your menu, that displays all the user’s galleries.

From this page the member can view their galleries, and create new galleries. Clicking on a gallery, the user can set the featured image, edit the description and delete the gallery. As images are added a post is created on their activity stream, informing their friends.

[wps-gallery] displays the member’s galleries and allows them to create new galleries (where they can upload new images). whilst [wps-gallery-list] displays the member’s galleries (or optionally all member’s galleries as a list), tends to be used in a Text/HTML widget, and [wps-gallery-grid] is similar to [wps-gallery-list] but is probably more widely used as part of a custom profile page.


Provided in the Extensions Plugin.


You can use the global shortcode settings via WPS Pro->Shortcodes in the admin dashboard, or add them to the shortcode as options.


To change the size of the featured image to 64 x 64 pixels, you would use:

[wps-gallery featured_image_size="64"]

To change the avatar beside the comments, and remove the label above where the comment is added, you would use:

[wps-gallery comment_avatar_size="32" comment_label="What do you think?"]

The following is a Text/HTML widget with the following shortcode:

[wps-gallery-list count="3"]


The following shortcode could be added to the custom profile page created earlier in this book (Building Your Own Profile Page) to show the user’s galleries:




See [wps-gallery][wps-gallery-list] and [wps-gallery-grid]


Via WPS Pro->Setup->Galleries it is very important to set the WordPress page that you use to display the galleries (the page with [wps-gallery] on it).

You can also set the default security setting for galleries.