How To

Create a custom WP Symposium Pro reward

WP Symposium rewards (and badges) can be used for the “actions” that come ready with the Extensions plugin. However, you can create your own rewards that work with other plugins, like WooCommerce. This article shows how to create a reward, with a badge, that is rewarded when a user’s WooCommerce order is marked as completed.

Chat Windows

Add live chat windows and let your users chat with each other in real time – it’s a great way to improve your user engagement and interaction. The chat windows on are not part of WP Symposium Pro, they are provided by CometChat. They are used to help us provide support, and to demonstrate how chat… read more »

Before and After

Two standard shortcode options that allow you to insert HTML immediately before and after the output generated by the shortcode.

How to Layout and use Shortcodes

Shortcodes are the “power house” of WP Symposium Pro, and once you’ve gone through the quick start buttons (in admin dashboard, WPS Pro->Setup) you may want to start changing the layout of your pages (for example, the profile page).

Using shortcodes in theme page templates

All shortcodes can be used as a PHP function, allowing those who would like to edit page templates, create plugins or otherwise use code directly, to include WP Symposium Pro functionality.