How to Layout and use Shortcodes

Using Shortcodes

Shortcodes are the “power house” of WP Symposium Pro, and once you’ve gone through the quick start buttons (in admin dashboard, WPS Pro->Setup) you may want to start changing the layout of your pages (for example, the profile page).

If you are getting started, you might want to read this page first (and check out the tutorial videos on the WP Symposium Pro website)…

Here are some options of how this can be achieved.

Option 1, putting HTML around them

When editing a WordPress page (your profile page, for example), switch to “Text” in the editor, and use HTML for layout, including the shortcodes wherever you want.

Option 2, using a WYSIWYG content editor

Use WordPress plugins like MotoPress or Visual Composer to design your page, and embed the shortcodes where needed.

Option 3, using other plugins

Use WordPress plugins like Easy Columns, to layout out page, using the short codes where appropriate.