Getting Started

To create a social network you will use your WordPress website (so you do need to have a self-hosted WordPress website up and running).

The Core WP Symposium Pro plugin gives you profile pages, activity, friends and unlimited forums. See below for more information. The Extensions plugin gives you tons of extra features and is downloaded as a separate plugin, click here to view all the features and download options.

Tutorial Videos and Blog

There is a growing collection of tutorial videos, available on the Getting Started Videos, they are worth watching.

Also, keep an eye on the blog, useful and sometimes important articles are added. To receive new articles by email, just subscribe (scroll down the page, there is a sign-up form further down the right hand side of this page), it is highly recommended you do so.

Install the Core plugin

First thing to do is install and activate the Core WPS Pro plugin.

A video (at the bottom of this page) covers setting up your profile pages, and an initial forum.

Add Profile pages, Friends and Activity

On the dashboard menu, go to WPS Pro->Setup and click on “Add Profile Pages”.

Erm, that’s all there is to it!

Four new pages are created on your WordPress site for each of the profile pages (View, Edit, Friends and Avatar). You may want to add your new pages to your WordPress menu.

Add Forums

You can have an unlimited number of forums, each setup the following (incredibly easy) way.

On the dashboard menu, go to WPS Pro->Setup and click on “Add Forum”.
Enter a name and description, and click on the “Publish” button.

And, er, that’s all there is to that too!

A new WordPress page is created on your site for your new Forum.
You probably want to add your new page to your WordPress site menu.


Whilst you can add options to shortcodes on your WordPress pages, widgets, etc., the easiest way to change options is to change the shortcode defaults via WPS Pro->Shortcodes (on your admin dashboard menu).

There you can simply select a feature and shortcode and change the options, like changing all the text used (great for foreign languages or creating your own style of language).

If you want to find out all the options for a shortcode, or see examples of how to use a shortcode, simply use the search at the top of this (and every) page on this website. For example, enter “[wps-activity-page]” and you can quickly click on [wps-activity-page] in the search results.

Simple, eh? So You Want More?!

How about letting your users select which friends to share activity with?

Or groups perhaps? Maybe a directory of members? What about forum subscriptions?

How about YouTube, maps (and more!) automatically detected and shown on Activity, Forums and Mail?

Yep, private mail! So much more can be added to your own social network!

Find out about all the extensions…