Forum Subscriptions


Getting email alerts to relevant forum activity is a great way to keep your users engaged. This extension and these shortcodes add that functionality.

[wps-subscribe-forum] will allow users to subscribe to a forum and receive an email when new posts are added to that forum. Will also display an email icon beside forum titles shown with [wps-forum] if the user has subscribed.

[wps-subscribe-post] allows users to subscribe to a forum post and receive an email when new replies are added to that post. Will also display an email icon beside forum post title shown with [wps-forum] if the user has subscribed.

For example, the following shows that the user has subscribed to the General Forum through the use of [wps-subscribe-forum] and to one of the posts with [wps-subscribe-post]:


[wps-manage-subscriptions] is a shortcode can be placed on a WordPress page to allow users to manage their forum subscriptions in one place:



Provided in the Extensions Plugin.


Not applicable.


Basic use would be as follows, added to the individual forum page, assuming the slug for the forum is “general-forum” in this case:

[wps-subscribe-forum slug="general-forum"]

The following would be added to the individual forum page:


Therefore, combined with the previous shortcode, on the WordPress page for that forum, assuming the forum slug is “general-forum” you would end up with some like this:

[wps-forum-post slug="general-forum"]
[wps-subscribe-forum slug="general-forum"]
[wps-forum slug="general-forum"]
[wps-forum-comment slug="general-forum"]

As with all WP Symposium shortcodes, you can place them wherever you want on the page, in any order and if you like, use HTML for layout purposes (or your chosen WordPress page editor).

For managing subscriptions, the following is usually added to a new WordPress page and then displayed as a menu item. Used as follows showing open and closed forum posts:

[wps-manage-subscriptions status="all"]


Not applicable.


Via WPS Pro->Setup, you can access a section called “Forum Subscriptions”.

In this section, you can set Email subjects and Alert titles for new topics, replies and comments.


The %s (percent sign followed by an “s”) is used as a marker for certain things as explained. For example, for new forum topics, %s is replaced with the post title.

You do not need to include %s, it is optional.

Make changes, and click on “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen.

You can also see all forum subscriptions via WPS Pro->Setup->Forum Subscriptions.