Forum Security


This extension allows you to fine tune permissions for your forums by WordPress roles.

The easiest way, once this extension is enabled (via WPS Pro>Setup->Extensions) is to go to WPS Pro->Setup->Manage All Forums. For each forum is a link “Show Security” that, when clicked, will display a range of actions, against which are all the WordPress roles that you have set up.

Simply tick the roles you want to allow to use that feature (for example, “Viewing” or “Creating” to restrict functionality by WordPress role.

Read the italicised comment below each set of check boxes to understand how it is implemented.

This can work very well with other plugins that generate additional WordPress user roles.


Provided in the Extensions Plugin.


You can use the global shortcode settings via WPS Pro->Shortcodes in the admin dashboard, or add them to the shortcode as options.


Not applicable.


Not applicable.