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Forum Search


As your forum grows it is necessary to add search functionality. This extension provide two shortcodes which you probably would add to a WordPress page. One for the search forum (to enter what you are searching for) and the second to display the results.

Typically they are on the same page, but can, if preferred be seperated (or you can have additional forum search forums elsewhere on your site, perhaps in a Text/HTML widget).

Quick Start

In the majority of cases, the following would typically be added to a WordPress page:


[wps-forum-search] will display the search form, and [wps-forum-search-results] will show the results from a search.


Provided in the Extensions Plugin.


See [wps-forum-search] and [wps-forum-search-results]


See [wps-forum-search] and [wps-forum-search-results]


See [wps-forum-search] and [wps-forum-search-results]