Forum Likes/Dislikes


A lovely way to engage your users is to allow them to like and dislike forum activity, which also gives feedback to original forum posts.

You can use this in many ways, and have the option of using both, or just one (or neither). Can be used to answer questions, show preferences, or just feedback on good and bad forum posts.

Options are added to the [wps-forum] shortcode.

User Rewards

If you are using the rewards extension, you will also now get additional rewards that you can use, for users who like and dislike posts.


Provided in the Extensions Plugin.


You can use the global shortcode settings via WPS Pro->Shortcodes in the admin dashboard, or add them to the shortcode as options.


To change the like and dislike labels, you would use:

[wps-forum like_text="Love it!" unlike_text="Oops!" dislike_text="Hate it!" undislike_text="Made a mistake..." ]



Options are added to WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Forum->[wps-forum].

Enable likes (allow_likes=”0″)
Like label (like_text=”Like”)
Unlike label (unlike_text=”Unlike”)
Like text (singular) (like_count_text_singular=”%d like”)
Like text (plural) (like_count_text_plural=”%d likes”)
Like word for alerts (alert_like=”like”)
Liked word for alerts (past tense) (alert_like_past=”liked”)
Enable dislikes (allow_dislikes=”0″)
Dislike label (dislike_text=”Dislike”)
Undislike label (undislike_text=”Undislike”)
Dislike text (singular) (dislike_count_text_singular=”%d dislike”)
Dislike text (plural) (dislike_count_text_plural=”%d dislikes”)
Dislike word for alerts (alert_dislike=”dislike”)
Disliked word for alerts (past tense) (alert_dislike_past=”disliked”)
Done text (done_text=”Done!”)
by text (by_text=” by “)
or text (or_text=” or “)
you text (you_text=”you”)
more text (singular) (more_text_singular=”and %d more…”)
more text (plural) (more_text_plural=”and %d more…”)
Maximum names to show (max_names_to_show=”3″)