Forum Answers


Some forums are in a question and answer format, a helpdesk to example.

In this case, it is nice to select a forum reply as the “answer” to the original post question.

The following extra features extend [wps-forum], see below for the extra options available.

An answer can be selected (and unselected) by either the original forum post author, or site administrators, but you can’t select your own answer!


If you are using the rewards extension, you will also now get additional rewards that you can use, for users setting a forum post as an answer.

If an answer is unset, the reward is removed


Provided in the Extensions Plugin.


Not applicable.


To enable forum answers on a specific forum, you can use:

[wps-forum allow_answer="1"]


The following (which shows default values and an example of using the shortcode option) can be set via the admin dashboard (WPS Pro->Shortcodes) or added as options to the shortcode in your WordPress page, post or widget.

They are found under Forums->[wps-forum].

Enable answers (allow_answer=”0″)
Set answer (set=”Accept this answer”)
Unset answer label (unset=”Unset as answer”)
Accept answer label (accepted=”Accepted answer”)