Extensions Plugin

The Extensions Plugin, available from the WP Symposium Pro website, adds a large number of additional features for your social network.

Take a look at all of the Extensions shortcodes that are added with the Extensions Plugin.



Customize Email alerts
Login/Redirect, and restrict access to WordPress dashboard
System Messages


Allow users to choose activity recipient(s)
Let users create activity share lists (requires above to be activated)
Add images to activity posts
Automatically show Soundcloud on activity
Automatically show YouTube videos when URL included
Automatically show website link previews
Allow users to like/dislike activity posts and replies
Let members keep track of favorite activity posts
Allow sharing of activity posts to Facebook


Add custom profile extensions
Allow members to personalise profile security
Display a directory of members
Set default friends when a user joins
Reward users with points for actions taken
Allow users to add image galleries
Allow user @tags (user logins) in activity/forums. Not compatible with forum WYSIWYG toolbar.
User reviews


Allow image and document attachments
Set custom fields for new forum posts
Set custom fields for forum replies
Add a forum search
Fine tune access and permissions for forums
Let members add a personalised forum signature (via Edit Profile)
Email subscriptions for forum posts and replies
Send forum posts and replies to profile activity
Add a WYSIWYG or BBCode toolbar to the forum
Automatically show YouTube videos when URL included
Allow users to like/dislike forum replies
Allow users to mark a forum reply as an answer


Allow members to create groups for group activity
Set default group membership for new users

Private Messages

Private messages between one or more recipients
Allow mail attachments
Automatically show YouTube videos when URL included
Setup email alerts for new mail and replies
Show unread mail count in menu (requires change to menu item, see admin guide)


Display calendars on your site
Show blog posts, activity, mail, forum activity – amazingly powerful!
BBpress forum migration tool
WP Symposium forum migration tool

Getting the Extensions Plugin

This can be purchased via http://www.wpsymposiumpro.com/shop. Once you have purchased a licence, you can download a ZIP file of this plugin from your account page at http://www.wpsymposiumpro.com/my-account.

To install this ZIP file, via your admin dashboard, go to Plugins and then Add New. This time. click on “Upload Plugin” instead of searching. You can then select the ZIP file that you downloaded, install it and activate like before.

After activating the Extensions plugin, you can then select which of the extra features you want to add to your website.

Activating the Individual Features

If you now go to WPS Pro->Setup, there is a new section called Extensions. If you click on the black bar you will be presented with all the currently available features. As WP Symposium Pro updates are released, in addition to extra options to the existing extensions, any new features will be added here.

To activate one of the features, tick the box beside it and save at the bottom of the page.

Depending on the feature, you may have additional menu items under the WPS Pro menu, and an additional section on the setup page.

Because of the way the WordPress admin dashboard works, after activating features, you may need to refresh your webpage to see the extra admin sections on the Setup page.