Through WP Symposium Pro alerts, users can be notified of all sorts of things, whether friendship requests or new posts on their activity. As you add more features with the WP Symposium Pro Extensions plugin, they will receive alerts for all sorts of things, from forum subscriptions to Private Message alerts.

Users can choose whether or not to receive email alerts regarding activity posts via their Edit Profile page.

Quick Start

To make a page showing all a user’s alerts, create a WordPress page and put the [wps-alerts-activity style=”list”] shortcode on it. Then add that page to your WordPress menu. Read more about the [wps-alerts-activity] shortcode.

This will display all the alerts that have been sent to the user, whether or not they have chosen to receive alerts via email.

By default this is shown as a drop down list. Remember, all WP Symposium Pro shortcodes can be used in a Text/HTML widget, which is ideal in this case.


You can see all alerts that have been generated via the admin dashboard at WPS Pro->Setup->Manage Alerts.

If an alert has failed to send via email (where applicable), the reason will be shown, normally in red text if it was a problem.

If the user has chosen not to receive the alert via email, the information on why is also shown.