Core Plugin / Setup

Core Plugin

The core WP Symposium Pro plugin, available on the WordPress repository, has the basic features of a social network. When added to a WordPress website it creates a social network for your website.


A number of the features of WP Symposium Pro have global settings which are applied via WPS Pro->Setup (via the admin dashboard).

These are often very important, and after activating a feature you should check on this page for any settings that are required.

Also on the Setup page you can use Quick Start buttons for common pages to get you going, and access many of the management screens for things such as profile extensions, rewards, groups, messages and so on.

Setup sections

To view a section within setup, click on the header for that section and it will expand.

Getting Started Quickly

Okay, you want to get your social network up and running quickly. I’m going to assume you’ve got your WordPress website installed, along with at least the core WP Symposium Pro plugin.

Add Profile pages, Friends and Activity

On the dashboard menu, go to WPS Pro->Setup and click on “Add Profile Pages”. Erm, that’s all there is to it! Four new pages are created on your WordPress site for each of the profile pages (View, Edit, Friends and Avatar).

You may want to add your new pages to your WordPress menu.

Add Forums

You can have an unlimited number of forums, each setup the following (incredibly easy) way. On the dashboard menu, go to WPS Pro->Setup and click on “Add Forum”. Enter a name and description, and click on the “Publish” button. And, er, that’s all there is to that too! A new WordPress page is created on your site for your new Forum. You probably want to add your new page to your WordPress site menu.