Calendar (for site)


The calendar is a convenient way to publicise events to all members of your site. You can have multiple calendars, and set which members can view and add events by WordPress roles.

Quick Start

After activating, click on the “Add Calendar Page” quick start button to create a WordPress page which you can optionally add to your WordPress menu.


Three shortcodes are available to display your calendar, add events and show a link back to the calendar when viewing a single event.


Provided in the Extensions Plugin.


Via WPS Pro->Setup->Private Messages, you can set whether to send alerts by email for messages by default (user can switch off). Consider local laws of switching on…


You must set the slug, so for example, here the slug is set and the left/right placeholders changed:

[wps-calendar slug="my-events" left="Previous" right="Next"]


See Calendar shortcodes.