Activity share lists


This extension requires the previous extension, Choosing Activity Recipient(s), to be activated.

Once activated, an additional option is provided in the drop-down list, via which user’s can create lists of users which they can then quickly choose when adding an activity post.



Any lists that they create, will then also appear on the drop-down list for use. Activity posts that are shared wth a list will appear as such on the activity stream.

When selecting “Manage lists…”, the user can create a new list, or edit/delete and existing list.

When creating a list, it’s simply a matter of giving the list a name and selecting the friends to put into that list.


And as an example, the list above if used, would appear on the activity stream like this:


Whilst the link “My best friends” doesn’t actually link anywhere, you can hover over the link and the members of that list will appear on screen.


Provided in the Extensions Plugin.


Not applicable.


Not applicable.