WP Symposium Pro Admin Guide (CODEX)

Welcome to the online manual for WP Symposium Pro – a living repository for information and documentation.

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What is WP Symposium Pro?

It creates your own social network, on your WordPress website, for free

With profiles, activity (wall), unlimited forums, friends, email alerts and so much more, it’s perfect for clubs, schools, businesses, organizations, interest groups, engaging with customers, support sites, gaming sites, dating sites, limited only by your imagination!

Install your social network in 3 simple steps:

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Click a button – and you have your own social network!

Erm, sorry, 2 steps! 🙂

Looking For Our Own Website?

You’ll find that at www.wpsymposiumpro.com

How To Use WP Symposium Pro

To create a social network you will use your WordPress website (so you do need to have a self-hosted WordPress website up and running).

The Core WP Symposium Pro plugin gives you profile pages, activity, friends and unlimited forums. See below for more information. The Extensions plugin gives you tons of extra features and is downloaded as a separate plugin, click here to view all the features and download options.


We maintain a release notes blog which all site administrators should read when updating the Core plugin or the Extensions plugin. We also have a blog for development builds, which you have access to if you have a licence for the Extensions plugin.

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Getting Started with WP Symposium Pro

The core plugin. An older version of WordPress with WP Symposium Pro, but the process is the same!

Check out all the exciting features with the Extensions Plugin!